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The first step is to choose the language. You can choose between Spanish, French and English. Just click on the flag and you can choose the desired language.
Once you have chosen the language, you can visit each and every one of the sections on our page. If you finally want to make a purchase, the steps to follow will be as detailed below
After entering the store, and choosing a trim from the store, you can enter to the pages of each product or remain in the main section of the store (hams and sausages / sausages / gift sets / utensils). From both options you can attach a product to the basket. Just click on ADD TO CART. Then, on the right side, you can see what the product has added to the cart. You can repeat this action as many times as you consider necessary with the products you consider appropriate. Once you have chosen all the products you want to buy, you have the option to click on VIEW CART. It will appear on a new page with all the selected products. In this section you can change the number of purchase units per product, (replacing the number that appears in the quantity column), delete the ones you consider appropriate, (click on the red arrow in the delete column), update the basket in The case of having made any changes (clicking on UPDATE CART) or click on FINISH AND PAY to continue with the purchase process.
If you want to continue with the purchase process, you will have how you have been told to FINISH AND PAY. It will appear on a new page. At the top, you will have a breakdown of the shopping cart.
You will then be prompted for a series of data so that the order reaches the recipient:
Email: in order to be able to contact the customer and where an email will be sent to you when you finish the order giving its conformity.
Name of the recipient, address, postal code, city, province, country, telephone, ID / PASSPORT NUMBER
Billing data: only if the billing data is different from the sending data will the data entry be necessary.
Discount coupon: only available in case of a discount coupon
Comments about the order: If the client wants to make a comment, you should make them in this section the comments you want to send us.
Accept the terms of purchase and general terms.
Once all the fields have been filled out and you want to continue with the order, the customer must click on CONTINUE WITH THE NEXT STEP or give CANCEL.
In the case of missing a field, a poster will appear indicating what field is missing to complete. Without that field, the purchase process can not continue.
If you choose the CREDIT CARD mode, our website will redirect you to the REDSYS website responsible for the online credit card payments from our bank. From this point, you are outside our page. In it, you must enter the requested data (card number, expiration, security code) On the same screen it should appear: that the trade is Jamones Juan Pedro Domecq, the terminal number: 335394052-01, an order number and the date and time. In addition, you can see the total amount of the order.

In the case of choosing PAYPAL, our web will redirect you to the web of PAYPAL. From this point, it is located outside of our page. At the top, our name JUAN PEDRO DOMECQ SOLIS SL will appear. And just below the amount of the order. You can then identify yourself in the case of having an account or you can make the payment by credit card. You will be asked by PAYPAL: - Country - Type of card - Card number - Expiration - Security number - First name - Surnames - Billing Address - Postal Code - City - Province - Contact information: a mobile phone and an email. - You will have to accept the conditions that this method of payment chosen - And finally click on pay now.

In case of wanting to cancel the order can click on cancel and return to JUAN PEDRO DOMECQ SL and will appear again in our page. In case of payment, you will always receive an email confirming your order. In case you believe you have not received it, please verify that it is not in the spam folder If you need any clarification of the same do not hesitate to contact us at info@jamonesjpd.com or at the telephone 91 2961580. Our website has all the archived orders. You will always have the option to enter, view orders, view and modify delivery address, print them. To enter your account, just click on ACCESS, or else. https://www.jamonesjuanpedrodomecq.com/us/user/, you will have to enter your name and password later.
In case you want to enter, and do not remember your password, you can always request a new password and clicking on REQUEST NEW PASSWORD. Then you will be asked for the mail that is registered in our system. You will be sent an automatic mail where you will be asked to click on a link and it will take you to a new page where you can enter a new password.


SSL Security System

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Credit card

tarjetas de crédito

(Visa, Amex, Mastercard). You should provide us with the following details:

  • Card number
  • Name of card holder
  • Expiration date
  • Security code




You can use your PayPal account.

Once you confirm your order, you will be redirected to www.paypal.com

Enter your account and confirm payment order.

  • PRICES All the prices of products and services are expressed in Euros and include the corresponding VAT.
  • WEIGHT The weight of the products is approximate and can vary by ± 5% owing to changes in the conditions of the articles during transport.