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This cookies policy corresponds to our main domain jamonesjuanpedrodomecq.com.

This website uses own and third party cookies to improve and optimize the user experience, without which it is not possible to browse our site.

It is possible that when entering our website and / or visiting one of our pages has received cookies (session or statistics for technical reasons), delete it if you do not accept or do not comply with our policy of cookies.

What are they, types and how do we use cookies?

Cookies are plain text files that the website or application you use installs in your browser, so that the website can consult it.

Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and his / her computer / device and do not provide references that allow to know personal data. At all times from the configuration of your browser you can delete them and / or block their installation, which may affect the navigation on our website or the offer of certain services.

Cookies on our website are used to control the private areas of the site, control of the selected language, shopping carts in the case of our store, collecting statistical data anonymously, improving the user experience; By third parties (facebook, twitter, google, etc ...) the purposes are statistical control, creation of profiles of anonymous users to manage advertising campaigns, access to personalized information.

Our cookies do not store personal data, in cases of validations it is possible to use temporary identification data that are destroyed at the end of the corresponding session, or at the end of the validation process.

We can, therefore, encounter session cookies that expire when the user leaves the session, ie leaves the page or closes the browser. In our case they are the ones used to control private zones and selection of languages.

Permanent cookies are kept on the computer until the deletion date expires or not deleted manually, are used at a statistical level and / or customization of services and advertising.

We may also classify cookies on our website according to their management, which means that we have proprietary cookies (managed by our site) and third-party cookies, mainly those corresponding to social networks (eg, by clicking on "Like" in Facebook), google (statistical level) and advertising services (display control of advertisers).

In summary when browsing our website you can install the following types of cookies:

Session: control access to private areas and shopping carts
Preferences: selected language, playback volume, etc.
Advertising: control of advertising spaces
Of statistics: anonymously compile statistical data of the use of our website.
For more complete information about cookies you can consult the following link: http: //es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cookie_ (computing)

Cookies from our website

Nombre domain own  
has_js, SESSTechnical cookies, site customization and session control.
Technical cookies, site customization and session control.
PREF, NID, _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz
Google Analytics cookies
guest_id,_utma, utmb, utmc, utmz, guestid, remember_checked, remember_checked_on, secure_sesion, twll  
Site identifier and technical cookies to share content using twitter
Act, c_user, csm, datr, fl, lu, p, presence, s, sub, xs
Site identifier and technical cookies to share content using facebook
Used by YouTube to store your visitors' statistical information and preferences

Enabling / disabling cookies.

The management of cookies depends on the browser and / or device you use, usually in the tools menu (you can find it with the configuration name or preferences) from the option privacy or choose advanced you can check the option to block or not allow cookies.

For more detailed information you should consult the help of your browser, we offer a compilation of some links for your best and most detailed query according to the browser used: