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The pigs: “de bellota and 100% Ibérico”, according to the new laws on Ibérico product:  At Juan Pedro Domecq we only rear 100% Iberico pigs (as both mother and stud are 100% Iberico breed).   Their rearing is 100% natural and wild, as they’re raised free roaming in the “Dehesa”- Acorn woods- eating natural products throughout their lives. They enjoy double the legally required length of time in the “Montanera” (acorn feeding season), to be considered as “de bellota” meat (which is 60 days).

The natural curing process: Our hams are cured naturally in our cellars in the Jabugo area under the supervision of our Ham Master. Our drying process is always “Grand Reserve”, with an average duration for hams of 42 months, once again well above that required by the law (24 months).

Direct control of the whole cycle: Juan Pedro Domecq products our manufactured with our own meat. Total reliability and best quality in the market.

Exclusivity: Our production is limited to 3,000 pigs per year.