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Our family has been notorious internationally due to its vineyards and wines, since the first Domecq arrived in Spain in 1730. Domecq sherry and brandy have been exported worldwide. However, besides the wines, we have always had a second passion: the breeding of animals.

The Domecq family is famous as breeders of horses and bulls. With the same passion, Juan Pedro Domecq started another line of stockbreeding: our exclusive 100% Iberico pigs, from which our hams are manufactured. 

We have been breeding our Iberico pigs since 1978. A race of Iberico pigs selected on the basis of Juan Pedro Domecq Solís’ genetic studies, who identified them as the best for the production of Iberico ham. Our family motto has always been “attaining excellence”.

From my family I learnt that vines must take their time to grow, and the best wines are made in the calm of the wine cellars. In the same way, pigs take their time to mature until they reach the ideal moment in time, that enables the ham to attain the best quality”

Juan Pedro Domecq Solís (Founder)

Our goal is that our clients are convinced that they have found a unique product”

Juan Pedro Domecq Morenés (5th generation of breeders