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The Company

The company

Juan Pedro Domecq Solís S.L. (JP Domecq) is a family business that manufactures and sells ham and other products made from 100% Iberico bellota fed pigs. The company covers the whole production process, from the breeding of the pigs in the “Dehesa Lo Alvaro”, to the manufacturing and distribution worldwide. Direct control of the production cycle, acts as a guarantee of the best quality in the final products...


Family Traditions

The Domecq family has been notorious internationally due to its vineyards and wines, since the first Domecq arrived in Spain in 1730. Domecq sherry and brandy have been exported worldwide. However, besides the wines, we have always had a second passion: the breeding of animals. The Domecq family is famous as breeders of horses and bulls. With the same passion, Juan Pedro Domecq started another line of stockbreeding: our exclusive 100% Iberico pigs, from which our hams are manufactured...


Domecq: Two centuries of history in Spain

The Domecq family comes from the former French region of the Bearn, near the Spanish borders with Navarre and Aragon, nowadays included in the department of the Low Pyrenees. Mr. Pedro Domecq Lembeye is the first Domecq that comes to Spain in 1816. In 1.822, he establishes the company "PEDRO DOMECQ". During his management, the company becomes the top Spanish business in the Sherry trade. In 1860 he would acquire the first stud farm of pure bred Spanish horses for the family, from the famous bloodstock of the “Cartujo” Spanish horses...

Raw material

We are different

We are breeders and manufacturers, which ensures that only the best quality 100% Iberico bellota pigs are used in the manufacturing of our products. We monitor directly the process from the birth of pig to the selection of the “Montaneras”, the slaughter, the curing and finally the distribution. Our quality standards for each phase are way above those required by the applicable Spanish regulations in order to qualify as the top quality: “bellota 100% Iberico”...



Since the year 2008, Juan Pedro Domecq Iberico Bellota Ham has obtained many international awards attesting to the top quality of its ham: Three Star Gold Award in the Great Taste Awards 2008, followed by three more consecutive Three Star Gold GTA awards in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014. But also two “Golden Forks” from the Guild of Fine Foods, our very “Oscars” in the gourmet food business: 2012 “Best Imported Speciality” and 2014 “Best Charcuterie Product of the year”...